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spindlephotoWe are a boutique mobile DJ service dedicated to providing handpicked tunes with a stylish, warm, fun and memorable ambiance.  We take what we do seriously and we pour our hearts into it.  We think all music is special and magical and deserves to be treated as such.  For us, nothing beats the feeling of having real music on a tangible format and that’s why we prefer to play vinyl records.

Between rocking the dancefloor all night long or just setting the perfect mood, we specialize in curating strictly vinyl sets custom tailored to create a unique atmosphere for each event.  Whether it’s a formal affair or a casual event, vintage glamor or rustic chic, retro style or futuristic fashion, Spindle Sound System could provide that special soundtrack that all your guests will appreciate.

In 2012, Spindle Sound System was founded by husband and wife team Victoria and Kieron.  The idea came shortly after working with a friend who played records at our own wedding and we decided that more folks out there would love to have a vinyl DJ at their wedding, party or special event if only they could find one.

Together we draw on years of experience and a lifetime of passion for music to offer an exceptional service that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

300x300-victoriaFor more than five years, Victoria has been spinning records at some of Southern California’s hottest nightclubs, parties and venues.

Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, she is constantly mining the American West for those extra-special records to add to her vast collection.

Having grown up in a musical family, she is a true music lover which is the secret to crafting her tastemaker DJ sets.

She loves nothing more than the warm analog sound of vinyl records and finds she is most at home behind a pair of turntables with a fresh set of wax.

For more about Victoria, check out her website at www.victoriarawlins.com.

300x300-kieronAs a professional audio engineer and producer, Kieron has developed the technical know-how to get the most out of our top-of-the-line PA system in any acoustic space.

After working as a DJ for a few years, he applied his skills in the studio — collaborating with many A-list musicians and producers.

He has over 15 years of experience in the business and is available to provide exclusive remixes, edits or original music for our clients who need something special for their event.


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It’s cool.

Yeah we said it — vinyl records are cool. Spinning records is an art form. A vinyl DJ puts thought and care into every selection, digging through crates of black gold to find that one record that they just know will keep everyone dancing.

It’s different.

In this overly digitized world, it’s refreshing to hear real music coming from a legitimately tangible format. That warm crackle of analog sound makes a good reminder of why you fell in love with music in the first place.

It shows that you care.

Your guests will be impressed when they see that you pay attention to details. When they see the DJ putting a record on the turntable they’ll know it’s one of those thoughtful, personal touches that makes your party special.

It’s fun.

While planning your event with a vinyl DJ, it’s a blast to geek out on records and develop the perfect playlist. Figuring out how to express your own personal style through the art of music is truly a collaborative process.

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